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Right, I'm off then, Three weeks in not-so-sunny-but-I-dont-go-for-the-weather Ireland.

I'm hoping to lose more weight while I'm there given I've gone down two dress sizes (is so bragging but doesn't care!)

I've got my IPod with me so Its *possible* I might post, and *possible* I might video some stuff while I am there, if I can work out how to put video up on YouTube when I get back!

Then only thing I'll miss when I'm away, is no Torchwood, Leverage, Drop Dead Diva, or True Blood, oh well, I'll have a bucket load when I get back.

As I've said for the last 2 years, (but have been ignored each time) If you want to defriend me,  that's fine, but could you please have the decency to wait until I get back on the 15/16 of August, it's not nice coming back home and the first thing you see, is that someone has defriended you without a reason while you've been gone (seriously, twice this has happened!)

Anyway, cherrio, toodlepip and all that, hope to catch up with you in 3 weeks time!
I've lost 8 pounds! (in weight, not money!)

I got weighed at my kidney appointment and since the end of may I've gone down from 71.2kg to 67.4kg!

I knew I had gone down a dress size, but it seems so much more when you actually have the numbers.

I'm looking to start an exercise class when I get back from holiday, so hopefully I lose more by the end of the year.

Flist; Social help please.

I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist relating to my social imparement, due to largely my Aspergers, she has recommended that I ask questions that the possible answers off which give me the most anxiety. Mostly my anxiety comes from not wanting to hurt anyone unintentionally due to my poor body language interpretation and my lack of noticing sarcasm, signal and subtlety. The other anxiety is feeling burdened by a relationship, feeling obligated to a person, due to I imagine the fact that I've been my mothers carer since I was 4-5 years old, and the trapped feeling that gives me, not wanting to have that recreated.

So if you guys don't mind answering some questions, I don't know how hard they will be as I imagine some of this stuff is probably instinctual for you and hard to explain. But if you could give it a go?

How would you feel if someone you didn't know started talking to you? (for instance, in a queue, sitting next to you in a doctors office, etc)

Would you be offended if you recognised then walking down the street and they just ignored you?

At what point does a stranger  who you have spoken to at least once become an acquaintance?

How would you know if an acquaintance wanted to become a friend, assuming they weren't being direct ?

Apart from being direct, how are some of the ways a person lets you know they just wanted to be an acquaintance?

If your friend had told you that they don't want to go out, they feel like spending some time on their own?

Do any of you feel anxious about talking to people/making friends/etc, and how do you deal with that if so?

Any or all questions you can answer, I'd be very grateful.

Anyway thanks, I apologise for not being around much, the sad fact is I don't have a big life, between caring for my health and my mums, most of the time I just tend to spend my time destressing by watching tv and going on the internet, and given how much it tstresses me by that time I don''t have the energy to interact. I have been going to english and maths class and just that little bit is helping, so maybe intime I may get back into socialising more, posting more or at least acknowledging that I've read your posts. I am still out here and I am reading if not commenting.

May. 20th, 2011

Went to The adult education centre today to get an assessment on my maths and english skills. Apparently I'm at about C-E GCSE level. They want me to take classes to get that up, till July, and then want me to consider taking my GCSE's in September. Bit late, but still Better late than (pregnant as Blanche says!) never.

In other news a bunch of people think the rapture is tomorrow at around 6pm, I'm assuming that' californian time, hopefully it is so I don't miss Doctor Who!
Haven't been around much lately. I've basically become my mums full time carer as her physical and mental health is beginning to deteriorate. Which has been plenty stressful, but she has no one else so.... 
I'm seeing a psychiatrist to help me out there because it feels very suffocating, she's filled with bitterness, anger and hate due to so many years of being abused by people and the last thing I want to do is be another person who abandons her.

Also my computer crashed, I've lost everything I had on their, including the Lasto f David Tennant's Doctor Who confidentials, that I hadn't got round to watching, all of Babylon 5 that I hadn't got around to watching, and the rest of Caprica's episodes that I hadn't got around to watching, that will teach me to procrastinate!

Finally got round to buying The Battlestar Galactica box set, it hasn't got all the webisodes, but it has Razor, and it was the cheapest box set I could afford. So hoping to do a rewatch of that soon, Think I'll wait till after that to watch Caprica, I'll get the DVD's that way I can watch them on the big screen instead of downloading them.  (Ou of interest anyone know any LJ doing a rewatch of BSG?).

In Doctor Who news I've actually surprised myself by being excited for this season, as I wasn't this year, so if I can just navigate through some of Moffetts questionable writing of women and the way men treat them, and try and accept that he really likes his timey wimey storylines, I may end up enjoying this season.
I'm beat.

My psychologist finally got things kick started Asperger Syndrome wise, I've just got through an interview with someone concerning ADHD since apparently my original AS diagnosis raised flags in that area.

I've got a MRI on the first of March, and on the 9th they want me to do some neuro test and a blood test.

I've also got to make an appointment with a psychiatrist to discuss the issues that having AS raises.

So a busy couple of months it seems.

Feb. 13th, 2011

Not too sure who, but I recall someone on my flist asking if anyone knew of anyone that still had their xmas decks up, well for them and for anyone else....

It's February the 13th and my dads neighbour still has his up outside, lit up and everything! (And no they are not dead or on holiday).

3 hours and 35 minutes late here, hopefully it's not late where you are, but either way.....

Happy Birthday noybusiness , hope it's a good one!
Well things seem to be looking up. I've finally got use of my space bar back, talk about a tiny piece of the computer that is taken for granted, but so important!

I've also got access to twitter back, for some reason I haven't been able to get access to my twitter account to twit anything, the only thing I can think was causing it was that I had it on stay logged in, without that I seem to be able to get in. Unfortunatly I now have to stay away until I catch up on Caprica to stop being spoiled.

Apologys to those that have commented on my entrys that I haven't replied to. Now that I'm back I'll be sure to reply to anyone who comments.